The Foundation licence is the basic level of knowledge and skills to assemble and operate an Amateur Radio Station within the Foundation Licence Radio Spectrum.



Fees and Charges

Our Club will provide free support and mentoring associated with gaining you Foundation Licence.

Several training manuals are available. The recommended manual is the one provided by the WIA.

The current AMC charge for a Foundation Licence assessment, which includes the written and practical tests, can be found here.

The Foundation Licence is issued by ACMA and currently costs $78 for an initial licence and a renewal fee of $53 per annum after that. (The ACMA usually revises its fees each year on June 30).

Study Subjects.

Theory is based on the Foundation Manual and includes the following subjects. No prior knowledge of electricity, electronics or radios is needed to study for the Foundation licence. Proficiency in Morse code is no longer required for amateur licences.

Please use this link to access further Foundation Licence study material.

Passed Your Exam

ACMA will issue you with a call sign and you can get on the air and surf the world by radio.

Interested ?